Black Viper
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Feb 151999

I added a new page and links! If you are a Rage of Mages fan, go check out my page containing a couple of hints.

Feb 151999

I just checked up on the Speed Running Demo’s [link removed] page to find out that q2timer v1.1 has been released. Go check it out. I will have some of my runs on this site as well as on PlanetQuake [link removed].

Feb 141999

I finally figured out why the counter was not counting, it is because it does not count if the requesting IP is the same as the previous hit…duuuhhh!!! Oh well, I did not know that…hehe… I saw over at PlanetQuake [link removed] that the Speed Running Demo’s [link removed] for Quake 2 are going to be started up again. I entered a few last time they started up, but after the Q2 code was altered, the Running came to a halt. Major bummer. But in a couple of days, I [Continue Reading]

Feb 141999

Hey, guess what? I am now on the net! I finally figured out how to post using my ISP as the host for my site. But very soon, you will be able to log on using “” just not now… I plan on updating a lot of stuff with links, gaming info, etc., so check back often. This is just a beginning.

Feb 131999

Today I got this page up and running. Hope that you enjoy it. Even though it is a FP98 theme, I think it suites me well, but I hope to have my own stuff soon. Unfortunately, I am not an artist.

Feb 101999

Well, today I almost have my Patches Page [link removed] the way that I want it. It took quite a bit of time to accomplish, but I think it looks pretty good. There is still some missing information, but I want to get this going so I can post it.