Black Viper
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May 221999

After a brutal bout with Reality, I was finally able to update some information on a few of my pages. Lots of stuff out there, take a gander at it!

May 161999

I have finally recovered from a great LAN Party [link removed] session. It was at Warthogs palace and we all had a great time! Thinking about joining the party?!? I devoted a large chunk of time to update some of the pages I have. Lots to look at, so wander around and check the stuff out! I should have the new house pictures posted by tonight, so stay tuned. The move in date has not changed any, still May 28th. I also might be getting a new kitty soon. I [Continue Reading]

May 111999

Happy days are here! Quake 3 Arena Test is out! The download may be rather difficult to get due to high demand, but keep trying. Click Here to warp to the Official Q3 Arena Web Site. Current version is 1.05 as of today.

May 091999

Happy Moms Day! I will give mine a ring tonight. What are YOU going to do? I also posted a couple of new pictures on the About Me Page. Check them out! I rediscovered The Chickens Web Site [link removed] today. Head on over and give him a click! Wow. I have a boring life. Not much else going on. I should have more house pictures [link removed] posted, but do not hold your breath. I am pretty close to my MAX MB on the web server I am using. [Continue Reading]

May 061999

Today I finally posted the updated house pictures. Head on over to My House [link removed] to see the photos. Lots of things have happened this week, to many to list, but everything good. Newsbot v6.5 has been released. Point your browser to Utilities Page [link removed] for information.

May 031999

Today, Roger Wilco was launched. It is now in version MARK I. It provides real-time voice chat over the internet and LAN. Go and check it out!

May 021999

Today, Warthog sent me a URL of a great program called Roger Wilco. It provides real-time voice chat over the internet and LAN. Go and check it out! I also added a quick couple of photos of My Kitty.

May 011999

Hi and Welcome to another Month in 1999! We will be having another LAN Party [link removed] soon. Currently, we are slated for Mid May, but that may change… Check out the new Cheats Page [link removed] for codes and cracks for the latest games. I was informed by my mortgage company that escrow will close 30 days early for me. Joy! Anyway, more pictures of the house will be posted as soon as they are developed. As a result of escrow closing early, my CPU will not be upgraded [Continue Reading]