Black Viper
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Jun 251999

I have added and moved a few pages for this MASS update… I added some NEW photos to My House Page [link removed] for June 15, 1999. Check them out! I added 2 NEW photos on My Kitty Page for June 15, 1999! I added a NEW page for LAN Parties [link removed] . I updated the SPAM Info Page [link removed] for some information on a ICQ Spammer that has been bugging me… I have been playing Might and Magic 7 quite a bit and I am thinking about [Continue Reading]

Jun 141999

I have set a record for the site. 100 hits in 24 hours. Wow! Thanks to all! I also got a nasty gram from my ISP that they have received many complaints about me spamming newsgroups and “I cannot post again EVER to them for any reason”…people are such whiners! ๐Ÿ™‚ I sent a “Check out” message to 300 out of 40000 newsgroups…got 100 hits in 24 hours, received a nasty gram from ISP…Now, I am still wondering why my mail is filled with total bullshit every day from [Continue Reading]

Jun 131999

I have concluded that I needed to begin an Anti-spam campaign. It consists of a New Page [link removed] I placed on the site with some very valuable information about what to do if someone SPAMS you…Click Here [link removed]! I added Interplay Patches Page [link removed] on the Site and it sure took much time to finish it up! I hope that someone actually uses it… ๐Ÿ™‚

Jun 091999

I have found out that Might and Magic 7 has been shipped. When it arrives in my hot little hands, I just may not drag myself away from the computer long enough to sleep. I spent over 100 hours on M&M 6, so I am greatly anticipating this installment. I did purchase MechWarrior 3 to hold off my withdrawals, but it just was not enough. Had to turn to Baulder’s Gate for the RPG fix.

Jun 071999

Well, I have to admit, I added the Stupid Crap Page [link removed] just so I can say that I have 100 pages on this site. Pretty STUPID, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚ But, I tell ya, there sure is a lot of Stupid Crap out there.

Jun 051999

Well, I have updated My House [link removed] Photos Page with May 9th and May 13th. I still have to get the finished house pictures done, but they should be up soon. I updated the Rage of Mages Page. I updated the Powerslide Page [link removed]. I also checked out some more links to ensure they were all ok. More to come, so don’t go clicking to far away!

Jun 041999

Well, I have settled into my New House [link removed] and sweet talked Ma Bell into hooking up the phone line in only 6 days. Go figure. Anyway, there is a mass update of all pages coming soon. Pictures that I have been sitting on of the New House [link removed], etc. Also, I have found that some of my links do not work, IE, some photos were not loading up properly. That should be all corrected now. My Utilities Page [link removed] has a few updates. Check it! Cheats [Continue Reading]