Black Viper
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Oct 301999

Happy Halloween! My pictures have had a slight delay due to me not being able to find enough time to get them together, but they should be up by the end of today! The Newsletter will be published twice a month and delivered into your E-Mail box. Subscribe today!

Oct 251999

The LAN Party scheduled for October 23, 1999 at Black Viper’s house, called LANchester 2000[link removed]! was a great success! Photo’s and the players involved will soon follow! I have finally received the photo’s from the last LAN Party [link removed] and the Page will be updated as well as a lot of other options in the very near future, such as the Forums will all be available for use. Until then, Happy Gaming and Take Care!

Oct 141999

RTS games seem to be coming of age, so to speak. Age of Empires 2 has some great new features with some more interesting units to throw in to the mix. Nice one.