Black Viper
Stalk BV
Dec 291999

As the Year is coming to a close, I find myself turning to all of those wonderful people that truly believe their VCR/Frig/Stereo/Car is going to blow up on Jan 1st, and I ask of you folks…What are you going to worry about on Jan 2nd when everything is OK? As far as all of those alien hunters out there, the BV’s SETI@home Rankings is being updated twice a day, morning and night…(PST) ๐Ÿ™‚ And for another note, we are VERY close to getting a YEAR of CPU time under [Continue Reading]

Dec 251999

Merry X-mas to all…and to all…HAPPY GAMING! Just as a side note, Phatcat455 did a fine job of contributing to the Dirty Joke Bulletin Board [link removed], so where is everyone else? ๐Ÿ™‚

Dec 241999

The Forums are up and running, I hope. ๐Ÿ™‚ Late Dec. 22nd and Early 23rd, was down. The server went down for a few hours and the Net Admin had to rebuild some databases. Sorry for the problems. Have a Happy X-mas!

Dec 161999

The updates have been slow. There is plenty of stuff going on, but I just have not been able to put them all down here. I am still working on getting the FORUMS up and running…soon…very soon… The Patches Index is also pretty slow going. The Software CO’s often change their site/links that it is pretty difficult (at best) to ensure that everything is correct. So, if you have a problem, that is more than likely the cause. I have also found that it is more fun playing with games [Continue Reading]

Dec 011999

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is once again really close by. I have completed updating the Character forms for the various games for this server, so send in those results! By December 31, I should have the Forums up and running.