Black Viper
Black Viper
May 031999

Today, Roger Wilco was launched. It is now in version MARK I. It provides real-time voice chat over the internet and LAN. Go and check it out!

May 021999

Today, Warthog sent me a URL of a great program called Roger Wilco. It provides real-time voice chat over the internet and LAN. Go and check it out! I also added a quick couple of photos of My Kitty.

May 011999

Hi and Welcome to another Month in 1999! We will be having another LAN Party [link removed] soon. Currently, we are slated for Mid May, but that may change… Check out the new Cheats Page [link removed] for codes and cracks for the latest games. I was informed by my mortgage company that escrow will close 30 days early for me. Joy! Anyway, more pictures of the house will be posted as soon as they are developed. As a result of escrow closing early, my CPU will not be upgraded [Continue Reading]

Apr 291999

Hi and thank you for visiting! I started up a New Rollcage Page [link removed]. I would like to have a contact list, Best Laps, and some cheat codes posted, but I do not know what location the High scores are located at.

Apr 271999

Hello and welcome the NEW I have my site (finally) resolved to so update all of your bookmarks. 🙂 I have also included a counter on almost every page. I want to know what people are interested in… I have bad news, at least for me. NONE of my Kitty pictures turned out, but I have taken more and I will post as soon as I can.

Apr 251999

Hello and welcome to the News! After a great time at a Goatboys house playing Quake and Half-life for 12 hours, LANcaster 99 [link removed] comes to a close. Wow, some great times were had. I hope next time will even be bigger! The Kitty Pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. I do not have the energy to post them up now. On a brighter note, InterNIC billed me for the Web Site Domain Name, so I hope to be up and running on Monday.

Apr 231999

After searching hi and low…I found the official “The Matrix” web page. Click here for a ride on the wild side.

Apr 211999

After waiting a rather long time to update, I finally have some news to post up. If you have been wondering WHY your Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro feels so “sturdy,” it is because there is two large ball bearings in the base of the joystick with room for 2 more. So if your stick is a little heavy, take the few screws out of the base and remove the added weight. As a side note, on the inside of the base cover, there is a few names molded into the [Continue Reading]

Apr 161999

After wandering around to a few sites that I frequent, I decided to finally update some of the Newest Patches Page [link removed] and also hit 3DO Patches Page [link removed] some. Last night, I had the chance to take my computer over to a friends house and play a little bit of Powerslide! It was a blast, with one problem. When we played the games on “IPX,” we would, most of the time, be playing totally different games after only a couple of minutes. When we tried out the [Continue Reading]

Apr 131999

Today turned out to be National Update Day! Most pages have been updated! Wonder around and see what you can find. Soon, I shall not be at this location any more. I am in the process of setting up “” for real, and not just pretending. This may take some time. I have added a few New Pages: My Stuff My Truck [link removed]