Black Viper
Black Viper
Apr 111999

Today I traveled with friends to a computer show in Southern CA and picked me up a SB Live! Wow, does this little piece of silicon make a world of a difference. The sound actually comes ALIVE! I am pretty impressed with the outcome of it and happy that I spent the money. Now, I need to get a new stereo with 4 inputs vice only 2. Right now I am running my stereo rack and a set of amplified speakers w/sub. Even though I am not unhappy with the [Continue Reading]

Apr 081999

Today I had a pleasant surprise when my good friend showed up at my house with a little kitten. I have been wanting one for sometime now, and he will do just fine. He is only about 7″ long and so very cute. I should have some pictures up before to long, so stay tuned and watch out for the photo updates!

Apr 071999

Well, I have now added a new My House Page [link removed] to the site. It took awhile to get the photos the way I wanted them, but I think I am still going to change them around a little. Anyway, I will add a few more when the pictures get back from the store, until then go and check them out! The photos take a while to load, but hang in there!

Apr 061999

Well, I got a chance to go on up and pick up the photos that I dropped off last week, but unfortunately, I dumped off the wrong pictures! I have developed the pictures I have of my house that is being built here locally and so I will post a page with those on it and by Saturday, I should have the others developed as well as pictures of my truck and others! Stay tuned!

Apr 041999

Well, I got a chance to update the New Patches Page [link removed] with v1.1 of Requiem. Head on over and get it!

Mar 291999

Well, this weekend was an experience. I was the host of "LANtastic ’99," [link removed] a LAN party [link removed] of 7 people and their computers in my house. The activities started at 8 am and ended at 9 PM, and we ONLY played Quake! Needless to say, we all had a great time and the people from work are talking about a bigger and better one in about a month. I cannot wait for it! In a couple of days, I will have the pictures posted on "LANtastic ’99’s" [Continue Reading]

Mar 261999

Well, I just checked out the Newsbot site and found that v6.4 was released on 25MAR99. If ya like to download files from Newsgroups, give Newsbot a try!

Mar 231999

Well, even though I was not expecting too much from upgrading from a cheap no name brand 56k modem to a USR one, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my ping time was cut drastically from around 500-600 to 150-250. A major improvement, if you ask me. It kind of just saved me a whole bunch of money from not having to buy a ISDN modem. 🙂 I have not updated the news lately, mainly because there has been nothing happening. Now that I can actually surf the net [Continue Reading]

Mar 191999

HAPPY EASTER! (early) The Easter Bunny arrived in town! Hop on over to the Photo’s Page to look at my latest encounter. Microsoft released Internet Explorer 5 yesterday.

Mar 131999

I traveled with a friend down to a large computer show today and found so many bargains that my brain locked up and I could not decide what to plunk my money on first. Needless to say, I was rather skeptical about buying parts off of a wood table, so I ended up at Fry’s Electronics. Not the best deals (compared to the computer show), but some good ones regardless.