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Mar 182000

Hello and welcome to the news… Creative Labs still has not released the new drivers for Win2k for use with the Web Cam 3, but I am still waiting patiently, but not for much longer. The Web Cam Page will be up soon. I promise.

Mar 122000

After some extensive hair pulling. I finally figured out the problem with my modems. Now, I am playing online with a pretty good transfer rate/ping time. Now, the rest of the story. I have been playing NOX online for a while. Wow, what a game. It begins to get rather frightening when there is over 12 people on one map, but it is truly a great time. Well balanced. Good show Westwood. Creative still has not kicked out their Drivers for the Web Cam 3 yet. I will post a [Continue Reading]

Mar 012000

Is it March 1st and there will be a few changes with the site… I will not be updating every 15 minutes like I have been… There should be a Web Cam Page up by mid March… A feedback page will be posted… Plenty more “Get Paid” pages will appear… More kitty/BV/LAN Party Pics will be up… I took a week off due to the fact that there is few people that even read this dribble, but after a year, it is hard to stop now. So I will continue, [Continue Reading]