Black Viper
Black Viper
Jul 012000

Two words: Diablo Two… 🙂 Wow. So far, the game is great with one exception. Lag. Battle-net seems to have been slammed via all 2 million people on Thursday and Friday. I am sure that B-Net will return to full strength after they add a few more servers to the farm.

Jun 222000

Diablo 2 Stress Test coming to a close. “Dear Stress Testers, As we promised, we wanted to alert you that the Diablo II stress test will be coming to a close this Monday, June 26th at 8:00 AM PT in order for us to prepare for next week’s launch of Diablo II. We want to extend a sincere thanks to all the beta testers who have logged many hours helping us optimize servers during the last few weeks. But, before we bring the test to a close, we [Continue Reading]

Jun 072000

This just in from Blizzard entertainment in my Inbox! “Dear Stress Testers, We wanted to personally notify you that Diablo II has gone gold and the master CDs have been released to manufacturing. We expect the game to begin shipping to stores worldwide as early as the end of June. Even though the game has gone gold, the stress test will continue throughout the next couple of weeks. The optimization of servers is completely independent from the game going gold, so you will continue to see network improvement up [Continue Reading]

May 122000

Today there was a slight boo-boo when updating the pages. For some reason, the computers farted and none of the pretty neon showed up on the left side. The problem has been corrected. Looking for your Gaming Pages? Head to Infinity {OXO} [link removed]. I moved the LAN Party! [link removed] information, Patches [link removed] and Cheats [link removed] to that location…as well as the Character Submit Forms [link removed] and such…Have fun!

May 112000

May is the time for Creative to once again kick out some drivers for my web cam. Check out BV LIVE! here [link removed]… Blizzard has also announced that the Diablo 2 Stress Test may start as early as next week! I do wish that I am one of the top few to be able to download a copy. More to come!

Apr 302000

There is now a new Diablo 2 section! Upon Blizzards release of the game, I will be posting Diablo 2 Character Sheets as well as Info that pertains to the game…pretty much like I did with Diablo… For now, on May 1, 2000 thru May 7, 2000, Gamespot is hosting a signup for the Diablo 2 open beta. 100,000 people world wide will be selected to partake and I am hoping that I am one of the lucky few…

Apr 242000

After a wonderful weekend with my parents and Sister for Easter… I return to the BV Pad for a little updating… Hope your Easter was as good as mine was.

Apr 052000

BV LIVE [link removed]! That’s right, you can now check out my Web Cam and see me LIVE! most every evening 24/7…What a thrill!?! 🙂 Check me out here [link removed]! The Cam scene is still not as stable as I would like, but I am working on that. I have bastard drivers for it and a “shareware” program doing the capture for me. It’s ok, but I am not going to pay for it! 🙂 Until next time…