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Sep 222001

If you are looking for any of the following CD Cracks Cheat codes or cracks for games ANTI-Hacks or ANTI-Cheats to “combat” crackers Free high-level characters Trainers CD Keys CD code or serial generators UnWrappers Password Breakers Key-loggers CD, DVD, MP3 ripping software Links/URL’s to warez sites Modification of software embedded in hardware devices (XBOX, DirectTV, etc) Any other way to steal from programmers Any way to exploit a program to “get something for nothing” No need to look any further. I do not and will not give out any [Continue Reading]

Sep 032001

Introduction As far as opinions go, this is a big one for me. Computers are tools, and if used properly, they have unlimited potential! Their is nothing that you cannot accomplish with a little thought and some persistence as far as programming is concerned. Now comes spam. Spam probably began at the same time the e-mail, or “Simple Text Messages” started being sent via wire! Spam, has its simple definition for me: “Any message sent to me that I did not ask for, don’t care about and/or does not even apply to me.” [Continue Reading]