Black Viper
Black Viper
Oct 132001

Diablo 2 LOD came out and I was ready. I needed a boost of new character classes, items and a completely new level for me to keep on going. Right up to the emanate release of the beta version, Blizzard kept quiet about support for “800×600” resolution. When I first saw the new screen shots, I smiled. Finally, my plea was answered. At that resolution, everything, well, just works! You could see far enough for ranged characters and spell casters, you did not have a “pixilated” view of your main character, and the interface [Continue Reading]

Oct 132001

Blizzard! Give me my life back!!! The original Diablo was (and still is) the single most long lasting game on my hard drive. It may not be the first game installed, but it will be there. When I first caught wind of Diablo 2’s up and coming release, I knew that I would be in for some trouble. If Blizzard could possibly expand Diablo, create more characters, items, monsters, plus offer up even more features that I wanted, but did not know at the time, I knew I was in for the long haul. I [Continue Reading]

Oct 062001

I have further updated plenty of pages with the latest and greatest information. Wander around starting with the home page to see what I have to offer.

Oct 042001

Introduction Cracks, hacks, unwrappers, SafeDisc, and CD keys. These are all items associated with piracy in one form or another. Whether you want to make a backup copy or use a CD crack to: Avoid easy access to the real CD because of small children around. Avoid having to purchase 8 copies of a game to hold a LAN party. Avoid swapping out CD’s every time you wish to change games. Swap Games with friends to have the largest collection on the planet. or Just because you can… The software [Continue Reading]

Sep 222001

If you are looking for any of the following CD Cracks Cheat codes or cracks for games ANTI-Hacks or ANTI-Cheats to “combat” crackers Free high-level characters Trainers CD Keys CD code or serial generators UnWrappers Password Breakers Key-loggers CD, DVD, MP3 ripping software Links/URL’s to warez sites Modification of software embedded in hardware devices (XBOX, DirectTV, etc) Any other way to steal from programmers Any way to exploit a program to “get something for nothing” No need to look any further. I do not and will not give out any [Continue Reading]

Sep 032001

Introduction As far as opinions go, this is a big one for me. Computers are tools, and if used properly, they have unlimited potential! Their is nothing that you cannot accomplish with a little thought and some persistence as far as programming is concerned. Now comes spam. Spam probably began at the same time the e-mail, or “Simple Text Messages” started being sent via wire! Spam, has its simple definition for me: “Any message sent to me that I did not ask for, don’t care about and/or does not even apply to me.” [Continue Reading]

Aug 292001

Introduction First of all, I would like to thank Blizzard for creating a game that has passed more time and money away than any other game! I played Diablo off and on for over 3 years before Diablo 2 came out. I also am thankful that the items I would have changed were now in place, but for the most part, this article is NOT about reviewing Diablo 2, it is about getting the most from the game. If you want to pass this information along, please tell people about my pages. Don’t [Continue Reading]