Dec 272002

Following a short Google session, I discovered not one, not three, but nine copies of my Windows XP 411 scattered throughout the web. This page [link removed] has screen shots and exposes the Cut and Paste Writers [link removed] for what they really are.

Dec 262002

Rapid reply and removal of the offending pages. I thank them for their cooperation and I also wish to thank my kind readers for informing me of this.

Dec 262002

A kind reader tipped me off to another jerk that appears as if they completely copied my Windows XP Services information, including images, verbatim. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. The offender has been contacted as well as the ISP involved. We will see what the outcome is.

One of the four offending pages is located here:

A jpeg of the information is here [link removed] (236k .jpg file)

Let the webmaster know what you think about their writing abilities and what you think has happened: {BV EDIT ~ E-Mail ADDRESS REMOVED}

When and if the web pages are removed… I may also remove their contact information.

Dec 202002

I have adjusted my style sheets to be more accessible for viewers that have “larger” then normal fonts. If you were experiencing difficulties viewing the site, it should now be fixed. Thank you for reporting this problem to me.

Dec 082002

Due to the following massive changes, I will be unable to spend any time updating content on this domain or replying to E-Mail:

  • Changing (finally) from a dial-up ISP to broadband wireless.
  • Switching from my current domain bandwidth provider to using my own resources.
  • Reconfiguring computers to support E-Mail, news groups, and web services.

However, after everything is up and running, the following added features will be available:

  • Articles to assist my readers in serving their own domains.
  • Multiple dedicated game servers.
  • and some more stuff I wish to keep under wraps until they go "Live."

I will still provide all funding to keep the domains up and running, I will just have more control over how this happens.

Current time line:

  1. Antenna installation: 07DEC2002 (Complete)
  2. ISP Installation of upgraded backbone – OC3 (17DEC2002)
  3. ISP service online (19DEC2002)
  4. Test Domain online (20DEC2002)
  5. Full conversion over to me hosting my domains (01JAN2003) (I hope)

During this transition period, I will not entertain technical support questions via E-Mail. I must "get smart" really fast on being my own provider of web servers, so I need all the spare time I can get.

Dec 012002

I have slightly adjusted the domain to be more “old browser” friendly. As a result, you may get a warning appearing at the top of the page that says your browser is not standards based, however, reload the page to flush the cache and download the latest CSS files I created will solve the issue.