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Jun 232002

I have completed what turned out to be a massive update of the navigation structure of the site as well as clean up a lot of stuff that has been bugging me. Feel free to E-Mail me comments as to how you would improve it. As with any massive updates that I do, I am sure there will be broken links or strange occurrences. I am working to get all of those ironed out. Most of the bugs I have squished, but I know there is more.

Jun 232002

Warcraft 3 Beta ~ I have finished playing Warcraft 3 Beta and thought I would post a screen shot of my pathetic record. There truly is some outstanding players out there. Hope to be as good as them some day.

Jun 212002

On June 20, 2002, I appeared live on TechTV’s “The Screen Savers” to talk about Windows XP and services configuration. If you are lucky enough to get TechTV with your local cable provider or satellite company, I hope you tuned in! Links mentioned: Windows XP Service Configuration Windows XP Services 411 Also check the following: Windows XP Super Tweaks Windows XP FAQ Please Note: My provider is kind enough to host the site in an affordable manner, but at “peak” times… such as when the program repeats… items may load [Continue Reading]

Jun 142002

Introduction Being as how I have openly exposed my life and my computer knowledge to others freely on, it seems that their is always somebody that feels they are the chosen one to insist their point of view is correct. Needless to say, most of the time, they are wrong. This seems to disturb me in more ways than one. As I begin, keep in mind that I enjoy reading other opinions as long as they are presented in a clear manner. Someone that feels compelled to voice their opinion to a [Continue Reading]