Black Viper
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Aug 262002

Still working… I fixed a bug that caused no selection change while switching from “Black” to “White” in Mozilla. Even though the full scheme is not done, it makes for easier printing. Most “important” pages have been converted. What has not is all gaming pages and all photo pages. They will take some time to do and I am taking a break for a few. Check the Wish List [link removed] for information on what has already been completed.

Aug 242002

Still working hard to finish up. Check the Wish List [link deleted] for information on what has already been completed.

Aug 242002

I am around 15% done with converting the pages over to the new format. It is taking awhile. If you see a page that is odd, look to the right column and see if it has “ 2.0” there. Those are the pages that I have finished working on.

Aug 222002

Growing pains are still hurting. A big one is that FP 2002 had the ability for inline spell checking. My current program does not. This will ultimately drive me insane. ๐Ÿ™‚ In other news, I have about finalized what the “basic” layout will be. I will work hard in the next few days updating all of the content to the new format. If you find something out of the ordinary, it is not intentional, but I probably have not made it to that point in the domain yet.

Aug 222002

Well, this is how the site is going to look. It may not seem much different from what it was before, but trust me when I say that under the hood it is. A bit cleaner and faster, not to mention compatibility with many browsers. At least, I hope. ๐Ÿ™‚

Aug 202002

I still have problems rendering in Mozilla 1.0 (and maybe previous versions). The work around, for right now is to refresh the content. Notice, I did not say use IE6. ๐Ÿ™‚ Every time I have hit F5, the site was displayed properly! Understand that as of right now, I am currently getting away from FrontPage 2002 and going elsewhere. As a result, I will have some problems in the coming weeks, but they will be fixed. Mainly because I need to import the whole domain into something (a real editor) [Continue Reading]

Aug 202002

I still have plenty more to do. Site updates to “content” will be sparse, but layout may change every 15 minutes. Hang in there while I make this transition. You, I hope, will enjoy the results.

Aug 182002

I still have slight rendering problems dealing with Mozilla v1.0, but I hope to have them solved soon. If you happen to see no “top part” of the page in Mozilla, please refresh. It should come back. So far, I have not found any problems with the domain rendering in IE 6. The text, even though it is rather large, can be resized now with your browser. No longer do I choose how you should be able to read the text. If you are lucky enough to be using Mozilla, [Continue Reading]

Aug 172002

I have been working really hard on getting the site to look back to "normal" without all of the bloat in the HTML that I did have. Most pages are formatted correctly, but there is still some that need work. Namely, the Windows XP Services and Windows 2000 Services tables. They still are not formatted for easy printing, but that should be solved soon. Stay tuned!

Aug 162002

My brain hurts. Every time I think that I have the site the way I want it. I just have to change something, then I go back and redo what I have already done to jive with my “new plan.” The E-Mail has been put on hold while I try to sort through what I need to do. Meanwhile, please pardon the inconsistent nature and formatting of the domain.