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Sep 052002

Due to reality (and lack of time), I have been falling behind on replying to E-Mails. Right now, I am 2 days in the hole. Usually, I reply within 24 hours. Which is getting more and more difficult with the volume of E-Mail I am receiving. As always, kind words are welcome.

Sep 052002

Please contact the vendor, manufacture or “company” that your system was purchased from for technical support. Part of the money you spent was to pay for technical help when you need it. Use it while you can. Information on “who” or “how” to contact them is in the owners/operations manual that came with your new PC or hardware. I do not have access to that information in a timely fashion. The PC vendor or “brand” that your computer is has access too much more resources to solve your technical issue than I do. [Continue Reading]

Sep 032002

After a small, but well deserved break, I am back in action with a long over due update to my Hardware configurations: Computer Status [link removed]~ Updated to include new printer. I have thought about what additional content that I am going to add over the last few days. I hope that you, my kind readers, will enjoy it.

Sep 022002

The Change I resist change as much as I can. I am rather set in my ways and enjoy it when I know “what is to come.” I also know exactly what I want, most of the time. Unfortunately, my favorite “Fast Food” restaurant has now changed a product that I have enjoyed for over 15 years. Let me explain. The Problem Since I am VERY picky concerning what I eat, I have loads of problems when I go to a restaurant. The problem stems from the fact that I do not like [Continue Reading]