Black Viper
Stalk BV
Oct 112002

When I was in school, I spent more time banging on keyboards, playing games, tearing apart old electronics and watching “Mtv” (when they actually played video’s) than I did studying English.

As my defense, I try to also write as I talk, which is not very correct grammar. As a result, I get my point across, but with mistakes. I sometimes over use the CAPS key to make a point. That is usually considered a no-no.

I tend to “incorrectly” use and over use quotation marks (as I just did). I also tend to place commas in sentences, often. Usually, they, are, very, incorrect. However, I try to place them “where I feel a pause is needed.” When I need a “longer, dramatic pause” inserted, I chose to throw in “dot dot dot,” meaning: “…” or “ellipses.” Whether or not I actually am using them as I should, I have no clue and to be perfectly honest, I do not care.

As many people have pointed out, I also tend to interchange “their” and “there.” By all means, please Contact BV and point out the particular instance of this error or any other spelling mistake you find.

I am the only editor, writer, proof-reader, and tester that I can count on. That can only mean one thing: I miss plenty.

Do not let the errors sway you. As I find them, I try to correct them. If I am made aware of mistakes because of my kind readers sending me information about them, I correct them immediately. I am really not attempting to come across as a moron, it just “looks” that way.


As a side note: From the looks of my inbox as to what most people consider “acceptable” language and formatting of E-Mails, I doubt that the population as a whole would even notice errors that could be absolutely repulsive to a English Professor. One person wrote to me correcting my grammar. However, they are also the same person, in that E-Mail, that failed to use the “shift” key located on the keyboard, at all.

As another side note: Every time someone starts an E-Mail with “…sorry for my English, it is not my native language…” usually, it is formatted much better than the majority of my correspondence.