Black Viper
Black Viper
Oct 142002

Brian Livingston mentions in his Windows Manager Column for InfoWorld magazine. Links mentioned: XP Profiles Guide

Oct 132002

Is that a question? Note: As of February 5, 2011, I have converted the domain over to a white color layout. That is not to say that black will not return in the future, but that is how it is right now. I have lost plenty of sleep and spent many hours to get the site accessible to everyone that wishes to visit. I have no code, that I am aware of, that forces you to view the domain as I intended. I feel it is best to offer the [Continue Reading]

Oct 112002

I have posted information on "a few clicks" method of tweaking your Windows XP Services via my Registry Patch Page. If you are interested in a "sneak peak" at what I am doing for future articles, please check my "Multi-boot Guide." The other OS Install Guides are not posted as of yet, but with the weekend, I hope to totally geek-out and finish them up. UT2003, though, is calling my name… loudly…

Oct 112002

When I was in school, I spent more time banging on keyboards, playing games, tearing apart old electronics and watching “Mtv” (when they actually played video’s) than I did studying English. As my defense, I try to also write as I talk, which is not very correct grammar. As a result, I get my point across, but with mistakes. I sometimes over use the CAPS key to make a point. That is usually considered a no-no. I tend to “incorrectly” use and over use quotation marks (as I just did). [Continue Reading]

Oct 062002

Introduction Using “FDISK” does not have to be a difficult chore as long as you follow my FDISK Usage Guide. If you know what to expect, it is a rather easy task. Note: If you are “clean” installing Windows 2000, XP Home or XP Pro, and do not wish to multi-boot your system, you do not have to run FDISK before hand as, during the install process, options for creating partitions are built in. FDISK Usage Guide Important Information Warning: Using FDISK to “resize” or recreate a partition will effectively destroy what [Continue Reading]

Oct 012002

After some major confusion on my part, I have fixed the “cannot resize the text” bug in my CSS file. Sorry for the mistake. I am going to attempt to get rid of the table layout and finally (again) go for layers, but every time I do, either IE or Mozilla does not function “as I wish they would.” So much for standards. Grrr…. 🙂