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Feb 202002

A kind reader informed me that this site was on "TechTV"… A show by the name of "The Screen Savers." Thank you for the exposure!

Feb 192002

Somehow I found the time to go ahead and update all of the pages on the site. It took a bit of time, but I hope things look better now.

Feb 192002

If you do not need ICS, be sure to disable all of the services associated with it. The “Gaming” configuration is a catch all that could be labeled “Power User” or “Slim and Trim” or “Minimum Memory.” I just choose to call it “Gaming” because that is what I do best. 🙂 Also, view my Services 411 page for more information on what services you may need or not need if you use your computer for other purposes, like work?!?

Feb 112002

Important Information Before posting your question in the comments below, see if your question has been addressed in the FAQ! All of the following services are “Strange” with Windows XP. If you discover one of these Services or processes running, they were installed by another program. At the bottom of the page, I have listed some processes that are not really “Services,” but applications running in the background when looking at Task Manager. I will try to identify “why” these particular applications are now running on your system… Table Header Information Display Name [Continue Reading]

Feb 022002

Someone MAY have copied some of my information from my site! Screen shots and the whole story are HERE!