Black Viper
Black Viper
Oct 242002

Due to some rather strange problems with streaming PDF files, I have zipped up the Service Configurations. This is not without other benefits, also, since my bandwidth use has went through the roof. 🙂

Oct 192002

Brian Livingston mentions in his Windows Manager Column for InfoWorld magazine, again. 🙂 Links mentioned: Windows 2000 Services Windows XP Services Windows XP Super Tweaks

Oct 192002

This is due to spammers exploiting a feature that has been in Windows since Windows NT 3.5, but not Windows 95, 98, Me. It is called the “net send” command. This has nothing to do with MSN Messenger, nor is it “WinPopUp.” The reason spammers have begun to target this “feature” is the fact that people are beginning to adopt OS’s built on NT, such as XP. Previously, the un-requested popups were not a problem because so few people were running an OS that supported it. To test for this [Continue Reading]

Oct 142002

Brian Livingston mentions in his Windows Manager Column for InfoWorld magazine. Links mentioned: XP Profiles Guide

Oct 132002

Is that a question? Note: As of February 5, 2011, I have converted the domain over to a white color layout. That is not to say that black will not return in the future, but that is how it is right now. I have lost plenty of sleep and spent many hours to get the site accessible to everyone that wishes to visit. I have no code, that I am aware of, that forces you to view the domain as I intended. I feel it is best to offer the [Continue Reading]

Oct 112002

I have posted information on "a few clicks" method of tweaking your Windows XP Services via my Registry Patch Page. If you are interested in a "sneak peak" at what I am doing for future articles, please check my "Multi-boot Guide." The other OS Install Guides are not posted as of yet, but with the weekend, I hope to totally geek-out and finish them up. UT2003, though, is calling my name… loudly…