Black Viper
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Feb 252003

I have not posted a "Quick Rant" in some time, nor have I updated the "News" section (because of Number 1, below). Now, I guess I am going to make up for it: Number 1: I banged my head against the wall for 4 hours trying to prove that "the Western Digital Drives I purchased against my better judgment actually still work after 14 days…" I finally concluded that I was living in dream land and instead, proved that one of the two new drives was not functioning properly. After [Continue Reading]

Feb 172003

80%. That is about how much I finished configuring my network. Local and public DNS is active as well as the web server. However, I still need time to finish internal testing before everything “goes live.” Many readers have requested content updates, etc, but I wish to finish the domain conversion before any additional content is placed online. Even more readers have asked “how am I doing it?” Well, I will post that information after I actually have everything online and public. ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate your kind words as they [Continue Reading]

Feb 142003

Happy Anniversary! The site has been up and running for 4 years now. I really wanted to reach my goal of full conversion to my own resources and hosting by this date. However, due to “real-world” events and “real-job” working hours, I have not had the time to do so. Also, along those same lines, I am extremely behind on E-Mail. About 3 hours worth. The good news is that I have a 3 day weekend (almost had to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday) and will attempt to catch [Continue Reading]

Feb 022003

My local mail server seems to be working properly and I am getting really close to converting the domains over to my own servers. Taking the plunge is quite a step. Something I have looked forward to for a few years. Now, I am scared. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am also going to take this opportunity to test out a different E-Mail program than the constraining Outlook Express.

Feb 022003

I updated my Cut and Paste Writers Rant [link removed] to reflect an additional offender. That makes ten total. This page [link removed] has screen shots and exposes the Cut and Paste Writers [link removed] for what they really are.