Black Viper
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Apr 272003

Upon request, I reformatted the Windows XP Services Information to be more "screen reader" friendly. I also made slight adjustments to the "safe" service configuration settings. The changes include recommending that the Computer Browser Service and Server Service be placed into disabled. However, if you require file and print sharing, the Server Service is required to run on the system that is sharing resources and one system on the network should have the Computer Browser Service on automatic.

Apr 182003

Public access to my Newsgroups are now available. If you are not aware of Newsgroups for discussing various topics, please check out the How to Access Newsgroups Guide and information on why I use Newsgroups. Complete listing of available Newsgroups and Terms of Use are also posted. If you have any problems accessing the newsgroups, please contact me and let me know.

Apr 152003

Quick Rant: (View the previous ones) When I purchased Asheron’s Call 2, really, my first "online broadband experience," I was hoping for a time of fun and enjoyment. However, with their "monthly" updates to the game, only thing it seems like I am doing is paying $12.95 a month for the privilege of BETA testing the product! Take this month for example: "New content" was uploaded to the server for another "episode," however it introduced a bug that causes all crafted items to be "tier 1." For those of you [Continue Reading]

Apr 142003

BINGO! Finally, Intel releases today "my dream chipset." The new Intel 875P chipset includes support for all of the latest gadgets; to name a few: AGP8X Dual-channel DDR400 memory Quad pumped 200 MHz bus speed (equating to 800 MHz vice 133 x 4 = 533) RAID 0 (stripping) with a Serial ATA interface USB 2.0 Even though the first P4 CPU’s that support the new 800 MHz bus have been postponed due to "problems," the 875P chipset is the step in the right direction for Intel to finally implement all [Continue Reading]

Apr 122003

After some extreme head banging and much pacing of the floor, the domain should be a bit more accessible to the “older” browers, yet be fully functional with the latest and greatest ones. Hm. It only took 6.5 hours to do it. 🙂

Apr 122003

This weekend, I am going to work on improving the look and flow of some of my guides. Two examples of "where" they are going are the E-Mail Filtering Guide and XP Services Profiles Guide. I feel that adding titles, step numbering and image numbering helps my readers follow what I am doing. Also, it gives me a point of reference other than "half way down the page."