Black Viper
Black Viper
Apr 102003

I am still working on several projects. One of them being a forum of sorts. Not the “all too common” version of PHP forums, but the standard issue USENET News Group access. I will be hosting local news groups for group discussion of my content. I almost have it all straight on how I wish to accomplish it and already have a News server running locally.

Apr 052003

Wow. The power was out for a full 17 hours. My UPS only lasted 19 minutes of that. 🙂 Not only am I glad to be back online, but the house was starting to get chilly and the ice was melting in the Frig. Needless to say, I caught up on some lost sleep while the whole town was dark after 2 large transformers blew out last night. However, I am glad that I did not spend thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest UPS. Why? Because my ISP [Continue Reading]

Apr 042003

Well, the latest and greatest tweak that I applied to the whole site did exactly what I wanted it to do on one of my pages that I have not even posted yet. However, it also made each and every table that have throughout the domain not look as “I had intended.” This includes all text centered, which made the install guides totally unacceptable. As such, I have corrected the error and everything should be back to normal. Unfortunately, that means back to the drawing board for the “unposted content.”

Apr 032003

Even though the "updates" have been few and far between, rest assured that I am working on several projects. Also, you may need to keep in mind that I do not just "toss" information up just to look cool. I work through the process and post the information when I am satisfied with it. This takes time. Currently, I want to post a "BootVis" guide, "Tweak UI," and a "How to host your own web services." I also wish to expand the Windows Services Information. Again, this takes time. Whenever [Continue Reading]