Black Viper
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Jun 282003

This morning, I discovered the secondary DNS server unplugged. This may have caused the site to be inaccessible over the last few hours or delay the delivery of E-Mail. How did it get unplugged? I am leaning toward some nocturnal activities of a few kitties. 🙂

Jun 242003

After 1.5 hours, my inbox is clear. Of the 130+ E-mails I have accumulated in the last few days due to lack of time, I replied to 76 of them… Not a bad ratio, however, if I spent the time to reply to everyone’s technical support request, it would be a full time job. Now, a few stupid stats for you: In the last year (June 23, 2002 to June 23, 2003), I have received (not including spam), 9186 E-Mails. Mostly thanks for the information I provide to the internet [Continue Reading]

Jun 232003

Due to the large volume of E-Mail I get daily, it would be impossible to personally answer every technical support question that you may have. However, kind words have always fueled this domain and is appreciated. I currently have 106 unread E-Mails sitting in my inbox (down from 156 yesterday). I will get to them as soon as I have the time.

Jun 142003

Well, it did not turn out as well as I hoped. Apache v2.0 still has random delays, sometimes 30 seconds, until it sends out the requested information. Back to the drawing board…

Jun 142003

I am currently testing out a new web server. You are currently accessing the old server. The load will be split between both of these systems. If you have any performance issues, please contact me and I will look into it.

Jun 132003

After a "very" long wait, the latest and greatest PDF document for the Windows 2000 Service Configurations is posted: [link removed] ~ 148,502 bytes ~ 35 pages ~ Printable Revision 3 ~ June 13, 2003 The update will be posted ASAP. This update expands the definitions of a few services, includes some strange processes explanations, as well as addresses several grammar and punctuation issues.

Jun 082003

After returning from a visit with my family out of town, I have tons of E-mail to go through.

Jun 022003

Well, I feel a little bit better. I received in the E-Mail another virus with two totally different files embedded. It seems as though the virus, like many before it, sucks up a few random files off of someone’s hard drive and sends it out with a bit of text from the document as the subject line. This will have to be chalked up as a BIG coincidence. What is the odds of someone being infected with a virus, attaching my document to it… and then sending it to me? [Continue Reading]

Jun 022003

Seems as though the May 17, 2003 adventure of a virus using my motto [link removed] as a subject line was not enough. I received another virus today. This time it includes my services document and a batch file that is a virus. Many people have already opened this document as I have blocked the particular pictures included in the information and there is “many” instances of it appearing as denied in my server logs. Obviously, my thoughts on May 17th of “this is a coincidence” are very incorrect. Take [Continue Reading]