Black Viper
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Sep 232003

I received a call from my ISP stating that the network was redone, backbone bandwidth increased and connectivity restored. I have monitored the connectivity status for the last few hours with no long term dumps (more than a second). This is a nice change from the more recent drops in connectivity from one minute to five minutes, several times per hour. This also reduced my motivation for posting new content that my readers would not have the opportunity to access whenever they wished. On a lighter note, I could soon [Continue Reading]

Sep 222003

The domain has been down for over 4 hours due to my ISP working on connectivity issues. The site will return when I regain connectivity. Unfortunately, I must put up with these outages as I cannot afford a "dedicated" solution to my bandwidth needs and I am not about to resort to banners or other obnoxious advertising. Hopefully, the attacks on my ISP will fade and I no longer will be knocked offline.

Sep 202003

I took a couple days away from E-Mail and as a result, became way behind. Everything is now caught up and I thank you for your patience. If you did not hear from me, sorry, but I have to “draw the line” somewhere and be selective as to what I reply to.

Sep 202003

The web site and network will be up and down randomly all weekend due to my ISP working on connectivity issues. I appreciate your patience during this period.

Sep 102003

Microsoft released three additional critical vulnerabilities affecting the Remote Procedure Call Service. This new patch fixes the previous issues that MSBlaster and other viruses and worms exploited, plus the new ones. Full details on how you can protect yourself from this new issue and steps you can take are located here: READ MORE…

Sep 072003

I have converted many of my OS Guides over. Instead of linking directly to the full size images from the thumbnails, they link to a page with the corresponding steps text. I hope this will give my readers a better experience.

Sep 012003

Once again, I have my camera access public. Visit the Black Viper’s Live Cam [link removed] for a peek at what I do best… Sitting at the computers. Not so sure how popular this added feature is going to be, but I will be monitoring bandwidth use for the next several weeks. If the camera is blocked, fuzzy, or just a plain “strange picture,” I am away from the computer for an extended period of time.