Black Viper
Stalk BV
Oct 092003

I have posted a page to allow you to create your own custom Windows XP Services Registry File.

IMPORTANT: This function is in testing. Do not use if you are scared as to the outcome. However, feel free to test the tool and send me feedback with success and failure stories.

  • No checks are performed to ensure that all dependencies are accounted for. Ensure that you validate your service configuration before creating your custom file. Checks for dependencies may be included at a later date.
  • Download the default registry settings before attempting to install your own registry file. For downloading default and other configuration files, please visit the Windows XP Services Registry Patch Guide.
  • This tool does NOT automatically apply ANY settings to your current configuration. Upon submitting it will create custom code for you to cut and paste into Notepad and save as you see fit.
  • You may validate your configuration by bringing up the services.msc control panel and this tool side by side and transferring the entries.
  • The default selections are based on Windows XP Pro. However, no issues should arise by having the additional registry entries when creating a file for Windows XP Home, nor should the changes from Pro to Home affect your current setup.
  • All services marked as "Not Installed" or "Not Available" are set to "Automatic" by default, here. This is to ensure that the page does not break an existing system configuration. However, if you desire an optional service that you installed to be set differently than Automatic, change the entries in the tool below.
  • Several services do NOT have the option of changing from the default. If you wish to do so, you will need to edit the resulting file manually.
  • Upon submitting, a new page with further instructions will appear.