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Nov 302003

Since most of my domain optimization efforts are complete, I can now (finally) focus on adding content to the domain. Current plans (in no particular order) are as follows: Post Windows 2003 information This will include an Install Guide and also Services information Screenshots are being created for the Install Guide Hopefully, most of the Install Guide will be finished tonight Services information will be posted after the Install Guide is drafted Post Fedora 1 information This will include an Install Guide Currently downloading as I type Post Mandrake 9.2 [Continue Reading]

Nov 302003

Introduction As with any of my various Rants, this will contain randomly generated thoughts that have been swimming around in my head for days, weeks and even months. As a side effect, it may seem fragmented to the casual reader but understand this: This document is drafted with passion and feeling for the subject at hand. I, by any stretch of the imagination, am not a lawyer. What is contained in this document are my feelings and opinions on a touchy subject based on extensively pouring over what is deemed [Continue Reading]

Nov 262003

Round Three of my domain optimization efforts is complete. Long time readers may remember that the domain started out as "" This was due to, at the time, "" being taken. After several months, I was able to get the "full" domain name. Unfortunately, I have always resolved each domain to the exact same content. Another problem is that I configured each domain to be accessible with or without the "www." in the address bar at the server level. This resulted in search engines indexing and people linking to [Continue Reading]

Nov 172003

This is another round of warnings that I feel compelled to inform people. My previous page instructed people how to deal with the MSBlast worm. This one, however, deals with yet another mass mailing worm with its purpose in life to steal PayPal account information. This discovery was prompted by one E-Mail that fits the Symantec description perfectly: The subject line contains "YOUR PAYPAL.COM ACCOUNT EXPIRES" and comes from the address of "" It arrived at my inbox at 11:41 AM today. This information was posted November 14, 2003 by [Continue Reading]

Nov 172003

One of the many E-Mails I received lately tipped me off to yet another Cut and Paste [link removed] job. That makes Number 11. Of course, this is only counting the people that I bother to post on my Cut and Paste Rant [link removed] . However, many others have wandered in front of my eyes. Each and every time I see someone blatantly ripping my hard work and calling it their own, I must ask myself: Is it worth it? So far, the answer has been "yes," but I [Continue Reading]

Nov 152003

I have fallen way behind on E-Mails. With over 300 to sift through, it will take some time for me to catch up.

Nov 092003

Connectivity to the domain has been pretty good today. Hopefully, it will last. I also did some major changes to the server which could have denied access temporarily on several occasions in the last 2 hours. Everything should be up and running as normal. As always, I tend to miss things that are rather obvious. Please contact me about any problems that you may encounter with the domain and I will look into the issue.

Nov 082003

My ISP and I are working on a solution to my connectivity issues. We discovered an extreme amount of interference hitting the Access Point in my immediate area and are currently working a solution around the problem. I also found out that my wireless telephone has the capability of totally locking up the Access Point. Needless to say, connectivity to the domain will be sporadic at best. Last night, the connection went down from around 11 PM until around 10 AM this morning and even though the connection is back [Continue Reading]