Black Viper
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Nov 052003

I must thank all spammers that attempt to confuse E-Mail filters by adding random characters to the end of a subject line. When this pathetic attempt at getting through to E-Mail users started, it annoyed me. However, after it became a "wide spread practice," I expanded my subject line column way out and scan only the end of the line. If it contains gibberish, it is gone. It has reduced the time I take to filter E-Mails considerably. More tips are located in my E-Mail Filtering Guide.

Nov 042003

Warning: Highly opinionated Quick Rant to follow. I am one of the 50+ million users of the newly implemented "do not call registry" that the FCC has placed online. Even though "political organizations and charities" are excluded from such a list, I wish they were not. I can take abuse from those people attempting to make a buck, mainly because I can yell right back and not fear retaliation, but not from those "allowed" to harass me unregulated and are "providing a service to the community" like law enforcement. I [Continue Reading]

Nov 032003

In round two of my domain optimization efforts, I cleaned up all of the CSS by deleting redundant or no longer required information. I also reduced the size of both images located on every page. Each time I modify my CSS, I tend to miss something. Sometimes, it is rather obvious. If you come across anything on the domain that "just does not look right," contact me and I will look into the issue. I initially changed the PayPal image source back to to reduce outbound traffic. However, when [Continue Reading]