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Mar 152003

It seemed that after adding the additional domains, the local web server was performing very slowly, even on the local LAN. After playing with different settings and sometimes explicitly setting paths, it seems as though the server is fixed and content is served at a much higher rate. Not sure what I did, but I am glad I fixed it as the previous state was totally unacceptable. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mar 152003

Domain transfer status: has not been converted over, but has. It will take 24 to 72 hours for the DNS information to update throughout the internet. Until that time, the old server will still answer requests. The test domain ) should be active. My G-Fri’s little spot on the web is also active: She may not have "31337" web master "skilz," but her heart is in the right place. ๐Ÿ™‚ Any issues you may have, please contact me so I can address and fix them ASAP. I am [Continue Reading]

Mar 112003

“C-Dilla” is the name of a company that was purchased by Macrovision. The previous company, and now Macrovision, use the “C-Dilla” technology to provide “software activation” services and CD Key verification services for anti-piracy reasons. This technology is now sold by Macrovision as “SafeCast” and is bundled with many products. More information about C-Dilla and “official” content is located here: The “old” C-Dilla site is here: Macrovisions Web Site is here: “FAQ” about C-Dilla, SafeCast and “spyware” concerns located on Macrovisions site is here:

Mar 092003

Wow. I fell behind again in E-Mail answering. Two hours later, things are caught up. Kind words are always welcome as they fuel this domain. The funny thing is, I have not fallen behind due to anything "important," but I needed a well deserved break from the real world. As such, I dove in head first with Asherons Call 2. For several months (since release) I have been playing the game online and enjoy it. Many things do not make me happy, for one: The crafting system is impossible. However, [Continue Reading]

Mar 022003

Last week, I became way behind on answering E-Mails due to “real job” and the long hours I have put in due to recent “real world events.” However, they have all been caught up and now I am going to take the plunge on rewiring the network. This probably will take all day as I am going to move all the systems out, clean them up, and place curtains above the desks. After that, a few UPS will be installed and the systems will be fired up to be “one [Continue Reading]

Feb 252003

I have not posted a "Quick Rant" in some time, nor have I updated the "News" section (because of Number 1, below). Now, I guess I am going to make up for it: Number 1: I banged my head against the wall for 4 hours trying to prove that "the Western Digital Drives I purchased against my better judgment actually still work after 14 days…" I finally concluded that I was living in dream land and instead, proved that one of the two new drives was not functioning properly. After [Continue Reading]

Feb 172003

80%. That is about how much I finished configuring my network. Local and public DNS is active as well as the web server. However, I still need time to finish internal testing before everything “goes live.” Many readers have requested content updates, etc, but I wish to finish the domain conversion before any additional content is placed online. Even more readers have asked “how am I doing it?” Well, I will post that information after I actually have everything online and public. ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate your kind words as they [Continue Reading]

Feb 142003

Happy Anniversary! The site has been up and running for 4 years now. I really wanted to reach my goal of full conversion to my own resources and hosting by this date. However, due to “real-world” events and “real-job” working hours, I have not had the time to do so. Also, along those same lines, I am extremely behind on E-Mail. About 3 hours worth. The good news is that I have a 3 day weekend (almost had to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday) and will attempt to catch [Continue Reading]