Black Viper
Stalk BV
Apr 212004

Long time readers will notice a few changes that I have made. The major one is that I no longer have my Current News content on the front page. Instead, I changed the front page to provide a quick overview of what the domain has to offer. Another change is that I have removed all “acronym” tags from all pages. No longer will you see underlined information with tool tip pop-ups and descriptions. Why? Mainly because I have had the tags for several months and no one ever told me [Continue Reading]

Apr 182004

It seems that things are running smoothly. It may still be 48 more hours before the new site information is sent around the world, but most people are able to access the domain at this time. I am still way behind on E-Mail, but will get caught up as soon as I can.

Apr 172004

To avoid a lengthy downtime period, I brought one of my old DNS servers back online. This should reduce the amount of failed connection attempts to the domain until all internet DNS servers receive the updated information. Everything is operational locally. I will just have to wait and see in the next 24-72 hours if my efforts are successful. Thank you for your patience.

Apr 172004

I have finished transferring my domain over to a different, hopefully more reliable, internet connection. It may take 48 hours for the domain to be fully online. I appreciate my readers patience during this transition.

Apr 122004

I have finished round three of my web server modifications. This basically was only the removal of my “test” domain “” Since I have not messed with it for over 8 months, I feel it is better to take it off of the web and have the server concentrate on more important matters: this web site. I also completed reconfiguring my E-Mail server to ban “lots” of virus/worm propagating systems. For those geeks out there, here is a quick rundown: Upon observing SMTP connection information, I have noticed that “lots” [Continue Reading]