Black Viper
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Nov 212004

Today, I will be working on getting all of my E-Mail caught up. If history repeats itself, I will only have time to reply to about 10% of them. Right now, I have over 900 in the inbox. Honestly, I really do not have the time to reply to everyone. I appreciate everyone’s kind words about the domain sent my way, but I must ignore random technical support questions as they tend to use the most amount of time for an accurate reply.

Nov 162004

My boiling point was almost reached. After purchasing Half-Life 2’s retail package, I spent one hour and fourty-one minutes waiting to create a "Steam" account, unlock content and register my key. Finally after almost falling over the edge of reason, Half-Life 2 loaded up for the first time. Now, after 3 hours of single player gameplay, I will only be able to recall the initial difficulties with the Steam network because of this text. Half-Life 2’s graphics and gameplay totally wiped all Rants from my memory and I have had [Continue Reading]

Nov 072004

Updated my slight modification to the default UI in World of Warcraft Beta to work with the lastest patch released today. Get the updated information here.