Black Viper
Black Viper
Feb 162004

A warm welcome goes out to all the listeners of KDNK Radio’s "Geekspeak." I wish to thank Neal for inviting me onto the program to address his questions. Here is some pages relevant to topics touched on during the program: Windows XP Services Filtering E-Mail with Outlook Express The Rant: AMD vs Intel Hacks, Cracks and Cheats My Kitties

Feb 142004

Today marks the 5th year of this web sites life. I wish to thank all of my readers for the encouragement to continue and hope many more years serving the internet community is in the future.

Feb 072004

As several readers have pointed out: I do not like change. This fact is most obvious in the Jack in the Box Rant. However, after using Outlook Express for over 5 years, I feel it is time to cut the cord and move on. My current choice of weapon to fight the E-Mail battle is the Mozilla E-Mail client. I have been using the Mozilla browser for well over 2 years and even though I was extremely against any other browser up to that point (I had a bad experience [Continue Reading]

Jan 282004

This morning I found in my E-Mail 73 W32.Novarg.A@mm viruses. In order to reduce my bandwidth consumption from this attack, I am taking the following actions: The "sending" E-Mail server must declare the size of the E-Mail, in advance (practically all do this, however the zombie spammers/virus ridden systems don’t). Any E-Mail over 30,000 bytes is rejected and the connection is dropped before it is even sent across the internet. Any particular IP address may only send me one E-Mail every 30 minutes. This restriction may be lifted after the [Continue Reading]

Jan 272004

I knew the virus outlined below was going to be big. This morning at 10:15 AM, I found in my E-Mail a CERT security warning about this latest virus issue. You can view the complete warning at this link: I knew this virus was going to be big. Why? Due to the volume I have been getting. This morning I found in my E-Mail 57 W32.Novarg.A@mm viruses. You may have misunderstood my previous posting, though. I am NOT sending out these viruses. A reader asked "If I am so [Continue Reading]

Jan 262004

In the last 6 hours, I have found in my E-Mail 38 W32.Novarg.A@mm viruses. This includes "the one" that spoofed my "from" E-Mail address and sent it back to me. The IP address it was "actually" sent from is located in Canada. This does not include the 27 "bounced" messages from servers telling me the "user does not exist." It also does not include the 15 automated messages some system administrators insisting on "warning" the sender of the "virus" attachment. I have Ranted about viruses before and this is no [Continue Reading]

Jan 252004

I have (finally) completely caught up on E-Mail. If you did not get a reply, I apologize in advance, but I sifted through 300 E-Mails today and you must understand that I cannot reply to everyone.

Jan 242004

I feel it is best to offer the viewer to choose how a domain looks, not the webmaster. I had the "change color" feature enabled for many months, but I removed it to reduce my bandwidth consumption. Since that time, I have taken many steps to optimize the domain, yet attempt to make it accessible for everyone. As such, the "Change Color" feature has returned in the upper-left corner. I will see how it goes. You can take the following steps to adjust your viewing pleasure: Using Cookies and JavaScript: [Continue Reading]

Jan 222004

Several months ago, I posted the UCE@FTC.GOV Rant [link removed]. Initially, I posted this page on September 17, 2003. In its previous state, I had screen shots with "proof" and much more details and background than I currently have. However, due to the phase of the moon and other unforeseen circumstances, the "original" page was overwritten by a "blank" page. As such, I spent many hours of research writing it all up and making it perfect… just to have it all go away into the void. This frustrated me to [Continue Reading]