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Apr 202007

I was asked by Mr. Carey Holzman to appear as a guest on for an interview! It was a pleasure talking with Carey Holzman about Windows XP Services among other things.

Apr 162007

With the default Category Control Panel: Head to Start Select Control Panel Select System and Maintenance Select Administrative Tools Select Services Select a service to adjust by double-clicking In the General tab, Startup type section, select Automatic (Delayed Start), Automatic, Manual or Disabled. If you like, you can also do: Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Run –> type in services.msc –> Select OK. After configuring all services that you desire to change, reboot to see the effects of your tweaking. Note: Do not use msconfig to stop services. [Continue Reading]

Apr 102007

I have posted my Windows Vista Super Tweaks to include disabling annoyances like User Account Control and resource hogs like System Restore. Please contact me if you discover any errors or inconsistencies. More Windows Vista information to include expanded services coverage coming (real) soon as well as my custom registry file tool for XP. Lots of updates ahead!

Apr 102007

Black Viper’s Top 9 tweaks for a faster (and less annoying) Vista PC The following is what I do directly after a clean install of Windows Vista . This does not mean that everything I do will work for you. Keeping that in mind, ensure you are fully aware of the risks of tweaking your system before doing so. Several of my performance tweaks "reduce" the default functionality of Windows and removes some built in security features. If security is a top priority for you or you are a new [Continue Reading]

Apr 072007

I have updated the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Services Registry Files. Please contact me if you discover any errors or inconsistencies. The pages have the full default service values for each flavor of XP and my description modification to place my information in the services.msc utility. "Safe" start values as well as custom registry file creation coming soon.

Apr 062007

Introduction Many people have asked for a “one-click” type of solution to Windows XP Services. This page is my answer. Even though it takes more than just “one-click,” it will make things faster for you and assist in configuring your system for optimal performance. Warning: Before you do anything, read EVERYTHING! Notes for a Happier Computer and User Do not use “msconfig” to disable services, type “services.msc” in the Run box instead! (why?) Before disabling any service, check out the Windows XP Services Information. For an easy method of creating [Continue Reading]