Black Viper
Black Viper
Oct 082007

I have modified Vista service descriptions of the following:

I turned my PS3 and TV into a really expensive CD player via sharing my music library over the network to the PS3 device and this is what I found:

The following services are required to perform this action and as I type this, my PS3 is spewing my networked library out of my TV and subwoofer by being connected to my desktop.:

They need to be set in Automatic mode. A reboot may be required.

This function works with the above configuration ensuring that you have previously shared your computer’s music library by doing the following steps:

  • Load up Windows Media Player
  • Select "Library" at the top
  • Select "Media Sharing…"
  • Check "share my media to:"
  • and select the device that you wish to stream your music to.

After your system (make it be PS3 this time around) is able to connect, you must authorize its connection to allow it to be viewed on the network.

If you do not desire any of these Windows Media functions, the previously stated group of services may be safely disable.