Black Viper
Stalk BV
Nov 292007

I have added four new polls in the forum section for members to vote on. The topics include: 32-bit vs 64-bit ~ If given the choice, which OS structure would you use exclusively? AMD/ATI vs nVidia ~ Which graphics card platform? AMD vs Intel ~ Choose between an AMD CPU in your next system or an Intel CPU powering it? XP vs Vista ~ Which OS do you prefer? Discuss and enjoy!

Nov 252007

It has been a long time since I have posted a "Quick Rant", or any news for that matter, so here it goes: Unfortunately, Massive Entertainment AB does not provide a direct contact for "support" and, as a result, I am going to rant here. A little less than a month ago, I purchased World in Conflict and was extremely pleased with it (and still am). However, a particular issue has compelled me to write this. I have progressed about halfway through the single player campaign. The game is awesome, [Continue Reading]