Black Viper
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Dec 182007

What I am not going to do: Predict on an individual basis whether Service Pack 1 or 2 “will work for you.” Test whether or not System Restore will “undo” Service Pack 1 or 2 or if you will be able to go back to a previous install point before Service Pack 1 or 2 installation. With that said, this is my recommendations: No matter what, I would recommend to install SP1 and then SP2. If for nothing else, the knowledge that all of the “security” updates are current, not [Continue Reading]

Dec 042007

I am also going to wait for Service Pack 3 to be released to the general public before my next round of XP Services updates. With my added time, I have been playing around with Linux Distros and been working with the following: Fedora 8 Gentoo 2007.0 Knoppix 5.1.1 OpenSuSe 10.3 Ubuntu 7.10