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Dec 262008

I wish to thank "geo" for taking a big chunk of time out of their day to make a sweep of several pages to correct spelling and grammar errors. If you find an error (or many), feel free to contact me and let me know. With over 1,000 pages scattered throughout, I may miss much. 🙂

Dec 232008

I wish to take this time and thank all of my dedicated readers over the years. Your kind words in my inbox as well as your donations to support my efforts are greatly appreciated! From: My family and I To: You and Yours Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

Dec 022008

I have placed online a new section for Services: Windows XP Pro x64 (64-bit) SP2 Custom Services Control Batch File Tool. This tool allows the creation of a batch file (.bat extension) and uses the built in command line tool sc.exe to modify service settings without modifying the settings directly via the registry. Since this is the first release of the Default Services Control Batch Files and Custom Tool, it should be considered "beta" or even "alpha", but I have tested them without failure. Contact BV if you have any [Continue Reading]

Nov 012008

You violated my forum rules, abused my network (bots), authored reported posts too many times (Report to Moderator), or just plain were disruptive/rude in the normal course of discussions. I hold all rights as to whom I allow access to my internal network. I therefore reserve the right to ban anybody for any reason at any time without warning or explanation and regardless of donation/forum membership status. If you feel this is in error, you may contact me

Oct 242008

A vulnerability in the Server Service has been discovered for Windows 2000 -> Windows 7 (basically, all versions in the last 9 years). Please see this security bulletin and update your PC accordingly:

Oct 212008

New links on the left navigation under "Save and Share" on select pages now assist my web site visitors in submitting content to bookmarking web sites. Examples include Digg and delicious. Enjoy! I also wish to include a feature on the services tables to "hide" particular columns not of interest to the reader. Along those same lines, I wish to add a column or two for additional information, but until the "hide" feature is figured out on my part, I am going to refrain from making the tables any larger [Continue Reading]