Black Viper
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Mar 072008

The main site, DNS, Email and forums will be coming down for about 30 minutes “sometime today” while I install additional memory and run a quick Memtest on the system. Don’t phreak out. It will be back up shortly after (if all goes as planned at least).

Mar 062008

A moment of silence for Gary Gygax, whom passed on March 4, 2008: Co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, he claimed many hours of my younger years as I read and was enthralled with the books drafted about D&D. I salute thee. Rest in Peace.

Mar 042008

The short answer: depends. The long answer: D E P E N D S. The best way for you to figure that out is load up everything that you plan on doing “at the same time.” Meaning, if you regularly have 5, 10, 20 or more browser windows open, Email client, a media player streaming music/video, a game or high powered editing software, fire that all up! After doing so, hit CTRL+ALT+DEL to open up the task manager and determine how much memory all of your applications are using. With [Continue Reading]