Black Viper
Stalk BV
Oct 242008

A vulnerability in the Server Service has been discovered for Windows 2000 -> Windows 7 (basically, all versions in the last 9 years). Please see this security bulletin and update your PC accordingly:

Oct 212008

New links on the left navigation under "Save and Share" on select pages now assist my web site visitors in submitting content to bookmarking web sites. Examples include Digg and delicious. Enjoy! I also wish to include a feature on the services tables to "hide" particular columns not of interest to the reader. Along those same lines, I wish to add a column or two for additional information, but until the "hide" feature is figured out on my part, I am going to refrain from making the tables any larger [Continue Reading]

Oct 162008

A reader reported to me that an incorrect file was uploaded (.txt extension instead of .reg) in the .zip "Safe" registry patch for XP Pro x86 (32-bit). The error has been corrected and a new file uploaded.

Oct 052008

The new feature for the services tables “column sorting” is finished and online. All service configuration tables (including the archived ones) are now sort able using the column header. Your sorting preferences are also kept between browser sessions using cookies (if enabled). Enjoy!