Black Viper
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Jun 092009

I will try and keep this as non-bloggish as possible (even though I have never considered my domain a "blog" of sorts… it could be thought of as one). Anyway, I am working hard on Windows Vista Service Pack 2 information and heading to breaking out as much memory and CPU usage performance as possible. A few things I am looking at:

  • Benchmark performance: This is touched on in this forum thread and I wish to fulfill my promise originally drafted January of this year. The "benchmark" will not be a GPU tester, but more of a memory use and boot time breakdown.
  • Actual memory usage of each service: This is not as easy as it sounds, but a particular tool I am using, Process Explorer, may help me in determining this. I also have a test system up and running with every service in Automatic and observing what happens and if/when they automatically "stop" as well as the impact of memory/boot performance with various memory configurations (1GB, 2GB, 4GB of RAM, etc)… see also, the first bullet.
  • Breaking Vista: Messing around with an OS has always been a hobby of mine since I started PC computing. Yeah, I am that guy that used to delete help files to save on disk space. Did you know that some applications in Windows 95 did not work unless the help file existed? I found out the hard way. What I wish to determine is "what really is needed" as I did for Windows 2000 and XP… disable everything and see what breaks!
  • Updating service additional information: Always a top priority.

These points to note are all well and good, but mean nothing unless I make it happen. Unfortunately, it all takes time. Rest assured, it will happen… hopefully, before Windows 7 is released. 🙂