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Oct 302009

A new poll posted on the forums: How will you pronounce the year 2010? You need to be a forum member to view comments and vote in this poll.

Oct 292009

Windows 7 Services Registry Files contained an error in creation using the Windows 7 Custom Services Registry File Tool. Three services where set to automatic when they should have been manual. The new version is online with this thread reporting the issue that was fixed.

Oct 132009

Several services have the ability to be uninstalled. You can add or remove these services by: Head to Start Select Control Panel Select Programs Select Programs and Features Select Turn Windows Features on or off I have found that the following Windows 7 Services can be installed or uninstalled: Application Host Helper Service ~ Not Installed ASP.NET State Service ~ Not Installed Client for NFS ~ Not Installed Fax ~ Installed Indexing Service ~ Not Installed LPD Service ~ Not Installed Media Center Extender Service ~ Installed Message Queuing ~ [Continue Reading]

Oct 132009

Unfortunately, no. Hardware profiles no longer are supported in Vista and do not perform like they did in XP. You can, for example, disable a service in the logon tab, hardware profile section for “Undocked”, but: Cannot create any new profiles Vista automatically detects what profile to use. As such, an example of this would be a laptop that has a “docking station” with additional hardware attached to it. Vista would use the normal profile while the system is “docked” and use the “Undocked” hardware profile when on the road. [Continue Reading]

Oct 132009

Several pages have been updated throughout the domain: How much memory for my computer do I need? ~ Updated to include Windows 7 Windows 7 Service Configurations ~ Updated to include my Bare-bones selections How can I install or uninstall a service? ~ Added due to updated configurations recommend to uninstall particular services