Black Viper
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Jun 092009

I will try and keep this as non-bloggish as possible (even though I have never considered my domain a "blog" of sorts… it could be thought of as one). Anyway, I am working hard on Windows Vista Service Pack 2 information and heading to breaking out as much memory and CPU usage performance as possible. A few things I am looking at: Benchmark performance: This is touched on in this forum thread and I wish to fulfill my promise originally drafted January of this year. The "benchmark" will not be [Continue Reading]

Apr 272009

After a long round of messing with the color schemes, I have landed on a couple versions I like. You may choose Black or White from the left navigation if JavaScript is enabled. Enjoy! To sum up the changes: Obnoxious colors for the headers are gone. The current colors are slightly more subtle and, to tell you the truth, much better then my previous versions that I stuck with for so long. "Purple" now signifies links that have been visited. This should allow for easier navigation and less confusion. <hr [Continue Reading]