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Nov 262010

The end of an expansion, namely World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King usually means that I should update my character listing. What are the totals? Total Characters at level cap (80) = 13 (10 Horde, 3 Alliance) Total time /played across all characters = 550 days, 14 hours, 58 minutes, 51 seconds Total time /played @ level cap across all characters = 105 days, 14 hours, 57 minutes, 5 seconds

Nov 252010

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my valued members and dedicated readers over the years. I give thanks to you as you keep the fire burning. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Nov 102010

I basically grew up around dirt track racing my entire life, attending racing events all over California and Oregon since I was only a few months old. Now, I wish to break tradition in several ways and be on the race track instead of sitting in the grand stands as well as break the mold by being a geek inside a race car instead of a motor head. Thus, the birth of ”Black Viper Racing” and ”The Racing Tech”. I cannot do this alone, however, so I need your support! For the 2011 [Continue Reading]

Nov 102010

I am offering three ways that you can become a sponsor of Black Viper Racing and “The Racing Tech”: Individuals: You may purchase a bumper sticker sized personal name plate for only $20 which is good for the entire 2011 season. This option is for individuals that desire to sponsor my efforts, but do not have a business they would like to promote. I will personally email you via the account on file with PayPal and thank you as well as ask what name, if any, you would like to [Continue Reading]

Nov 102010

Become a Sponsor: Information on how you can become a sponsor of my race car. List of Sponsors for the 2011 Season: Kitchens and Dreams, Inc: We provide you with a multitude of design concepts that will allow you to choose a design that is perfect for you, your family, your home and our planet. Website and contact information: Tammy Femrite Ask Leo! : Helping people with computers… one answer at a time. George Davis JSSTA: Established in 2010, Jefferson State Sport Truck Association (JSSTA) was formed to provide a racing outlet [Continue Reading]

Nov 102010

The car was generously donated by my Mother. It is a 1990 Ford LTD Crown Victoria. Current plans include: Paint the car black Include flames (probably sticker/vinyl type because I cannot draw) Slap the number “72” on it Include all of my sponsors on the car Now, you may point out that this is by far a “race car”, but I plan on putting it on the track during special events throughout the season called “Run What You Brung”. In this event, people can take out street cars that they own [Continue Reading]

Nov 092010

The BBS/Forum software is updated to the latest version released November 1st. Thank you SMF Team for all that you do! Unfortunately, not all the themes that I posted to be voted on have bumped up a revision, so the voting process is suspended.