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Jul 292011

Introduction In a recent trip to a US State where gambling is legal and regulated (Nevada), I decided to perform a completely unscientific experiment. The Setup I picked a random slot machine inside of a local casino next to where I was staying. Okay, you caught me… it was not entirely random, it was named “Cats“. The particular statistics on the system: Maximum bet: $1.50 Playable lines: 1 to 30 Bet per line: 1 to 5 cents The Tests I decided to put in $1.00 and on one line, bet [Continue Reading]

Jul 212011

I have already been asked if  my previous post about shutting down the BBS/Forum section of the domain is an indication that all of my information or guides will also vanish. The answer? No! My decision to shutdown the forums is based on time administering and keeping a “General” technical support forum operational and clean. The less time I struggle with keeping up the forums, the more time I have to write content. Plain and simple. Thank you, kind reader, for your support over the last 12 years! You are appreciated!

Jul 202011

The forum is currently shutdown. I wish to thank all of my members for their time and effort at making my community a clean and safe one, but the task of administrating a “General” technical support forum on my “personal” website was too great. It has been a great few years and I am sorry to let it go, but time has got the better of me recently. It makes me sad that I have to let a piece of my web site go with such great support of my [Continue Reading]

Jul 152011

Unfortunately, my racing season for 2011 has come to an early end due to car issues and work schedule, but that does not mean the season has ended on the track! Speedway Location: Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds 1712 Fairlane Road Yreka, CA 96097 Gates open at 5PM with races starting at 7PM! Classes appearing are the Mini Stocks, Super Stocks, JSSTA Sport Trucks, and Modifieds. Prices: Adults: 8$ – Seniors $6 (over 55) – Kids $3 (age 6-12) – FREE Kids (age 5 and under). The more people in the grandstands, [Continue Reading]