Black Viper
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Oct 302011

I have been monitoring the server performance for the last several weeks (and experiencing it myself while surfing my own site) and it was not up to my standards. I previously attempted to enable APC to speed performance up and failed numerous times for various reasons, becoming frustrated in the process. Today, however, I thought I would give XCache a try with great success. It looks as though CPU usage dropped by around 50% while page rendering and crawl time also dropped by 50%. I am pretty happy with the [Continue Reading]

Oct 222011

Black Viper’s Facebook Experience: Facebook: You have one new friend request awaiting approval. User: Confirm! Facebook: One friend added. User Wall Post: I am bored. Friend #1 Comment: Yeah, I care. User Post Comment: Great! I have been Walling to myself for the last 6 years. Friend #1 Comment: … Facebook: You have no friends. Would you like to search for one?