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Mar 132012

Diablo 3 Multiboxing: Possible Or Not? In short, yes! Controlling 2 to 4 characters in Diablo 3 is possible with 2 to 4 seperate accounts, game purchases and free mouse replication software, but is it practical? Unfortunately, the answer is no for the average gamer, including me at this time. I just tried this using Input Director and Desktop + Laptop (on board graphics) running at same resolution (1366 x 768) using two beta accounts (wife and my account) and created two new characters. The reason multiboxing Diablo 3 Beta is [Continue Reading]

Mar 092012

Hello All! Here is another update to my Run What U Brung Tie-Dye Paint Job on the car I am going to put on the race track for this 2012 Racing Season. I have a couple pictures of the car after the first coat of paint was put on as well as a shot of clear coat followed by a couple of pictures after the tape was removed today. In the next few days, I will sticker it up and put numbers on it as well as a couple of [Continue Reading]