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Apr 222012

Hover over the links for more back story. I remember when I purchased a book with instructions on how to get rich for $19.99 by simply writing a book and publishing it. I remember when phones had cords. I remember when more than one PC game was released annually at retail stores. I remember when $20 to fill an 18 gallon gas tank was expensive. I remember when “apps” were keyed in by hand from a magazine and magnetic storage media was not financially feasible. I remember when song skipping was an [Continue Reading]

Apr 192012

On April 21, 2012, the first race of the season is scheduled to occur at the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds in Yreka, CA, I will be performing in an exhibition race in number “72″ with other street cars in a series called “Run-What-You-Brung”.   Speedway Location: Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds 1712 Fairlane Road Yreka, CA 96097 Gates open at 1PM with races starting at 3PM! Other classes appearing are: McDonald’s Mini-Stocks O’Reilly’s Modifieds Super Stock JSSTA Trucks Dwarfs Run What You Brung Prices: (full admission and gate fees) Adults: 8$ – Seniors $6 (over 55) – [Continue Reading]

Apr 032012

Introduction This is an opinion piece to express my discontent for the feeling that “interfaces” should be consolidated and have one “look” and feel. This is utter rubbish and I will try to convey this distaste with a few examples. One should feel warned that if you do not enjoy reading opinion based content, you should stop now. This rant spawned from Microsoft’s push to force upon us a failure waiting to happen. So I will start with the tunnel vision of Microsoft, the success of Android and the failure [Continue Reading]