Black Viper
Black Viper
Jul 062012

Windows 8 Release Preview Service Configurations are now updated. This included the “Default” as well as “Safe” settings. Information in the table is likely to be adjusted with additional findings over the next several months. It will also be ran through after Windows 8 has been released. “Tweaked” and “Bare-bones” configurations are in the works, but it takes a bit more time to figure those settings out, so I will refrain from adding/updating those columns until after Windows 8 has been released.

Information with “???” is being worked through and verified over time.

Each individual service page is being worked on as updated information is discovered and translated to a constant format. More information about this update is here.

Several Services in the latest version have either been renamed or completely removed. However, a bunch have been added. As such, links to those services are not updated, but will be online as time allows. Windows 8 Release Preview also includes dependency information and that will be added as time allows as well.