Black Viper
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Jan 252017

Introduction To continue my fine tradition of optimizing MS’s latest OS, I have here my findings to date: Black Viper’s Windows 10 Service Configurations. This information is based upon the Windows 10 desktop versions “Anniversary Update” released August 2, 2016 as well as all patches and security updates as of January 2017. Update Disclaimer Even though the Windows 10 Service Configurations are valid up to this point (January 2017), I am going to refrain from updating individual service links as it will take about three months for all the services to reflect the live [Continue Reading]

Jan 172017

What is New? – January 17, 2017 It is really tough to explain what has been going on in the last year or so, but I will try to identify the major points as much as possible: California To Missouri or Bust! After an extended session of unemployment, I got a job offer in the Kansas City, MO (KCMO) area and had to move halfway across the country in Mid 2015. This also clashed with the general release of Windows 10 and Microsoft “pushing” everyone to upgrade. Due to money [Continue Reading]