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Jan 082019

Mixer Rules of Conduct/Description:


My channel is currently 18+ due to Mature rated game streaming: Dead by Daylight; as well as my F-bomb usage when I get excited after putting people on the ground in game, or during one of my many “swing and a miss” moments. This is the only game I have EVER played that actually gets my heart racing. Don’t take it personal. None of it is directed toward any group or individual as I rarely even look at usernames/gamertags.

Mic and camera may or may not be on due to time of day (I play in the dark at night), background noise or wife sleeping. Please respect that I may not directly respond to you or your chat but I thank you, in advance, for your kind words of support and watching my stream.

As such, I will never be “popular” on any level. I don’t make any money from my website via ads nor do I have any desire to pressure people for donations. I am not a “partner” or have any motivation to make money from anything that you buy via affiliate links. My stream gameplay is clean of busy junk and I like it like that.  If you really wish to help me financially, look here.

General Stream Schedule:

Nighttime (No camera/mic) 7 days a week, usually starting at 11PM Central for two to three hours with max of four hours.

Daytime (camera/mic on) Random days, depending on what is going on. Available from 5PM to 7PM Central Monday through Friday and who really knows on Saturday and Sunday.

Strict Channel Rules

  • Never violate Mixer TOS: I won’t put up with your BS.
  • Chatbot is on HIGH moderation. See point 1 above. I can cuss and self-promote… you cannot. LOL! 🙂
  • Don’t be a jerk to me or spew junk in the chat.
  • I block *all* PSN/XBOX Live/STEAM/(etc) friend/party/messages/requests. Nothing personal.
  • I play games to have fun and escape reality by roleplaying, not listen to the public whine about stupid crap or backseat game.
  • I often times do stupid crap myself and get my butt kicked by sandbaggers due to an easily exploitable ranking system and my aging reaction time. No need to point it out, but if you do, I will probably laugh with you. LOL! 🙂
  • Since Dead by Daylight generally has a “toxic” community, I put up a little rant online for those questioning my gameplay style:

Feel free to access the following “official” Black Viper locations:

If you wish to support my streaming and/or my website, you have the following options:

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

-Black Viper of

January 8, 2019