www.BlackViper.com: E-Mail Filtering Guide

Image 1.3

3) blackviper.com Inbox. (Image 1.3)

After removing a few "important" E-Mails, I have taken the screen shot displayed as Image 1.3. Many people ask "Why do you automatically place a subject line in your E-Mails?" This is the reason. It is extremely easy to see that these people have visited my web site and actually clicked on the link located on my domain to contact me. I have little fear as to whether or not it is spam. Also, a VERY important note: Look at the "average" size of these E-Mails. Most are between 3KB and 6KB with none of them over 10KB. This will be important in the next screen shot of the "Filtered Spam."

Something else to understand. Even though I removed the "From" column for these screen shots, I always look to see "who" it came from. In the above screen shot, the From column is not removed and you can actually see the pathetic E-Mails addresses and names that these spams "seem to come from."